Modern mirrors decorations

For people, decoration has become one of the most important things that expresses beauty and elegance, and there is competition between people, not only in home decor, so decoration has a great place in our time, and among the most important of these decorations are decorative mirrors that attract the interest of many people.


Bathroom mirrors

There is a group of bathroom mirrors that exist in many different shapes, including square, rectangular and oval, in addition to the different shapes of new and modern mirrors, and bathroom mirrors are one of the basic elements in the decor of all bathrooms, so the decorators have been interested in creating various shapes of bathroom mirrors Modern, to suit all tastes and with all bathroom spaces.


There are shapes of bathroom mirrors, including square, circular and rectangular, in addition to many modern mirrors with a wooden frame, mirrors with a metal frame, and others with a frame of shiny beads that add a charming touch to the bathroom, so you must choose the shape of the mirror that you prefer, and also choose the wall fitting in the bathroom.


 Modern mirrors

There are many forms of mirror decoration, but decorative mirrors are one of the best types of decorations in our time, so that there is no room in the house without mirrors, and among the most important features of kitchen mirrors:

  • It helps to decorate the house and make it look beautiful and modern.
  • It increases the beauty and elegance of the home.
  • You must choose the shape of the mirror that suits each room.


Modern mirror shapes

  • Modern mirrors for reception

The reception room is one of the most important areas in the house, so it must be taken care of, so it is better to use a long mirror with low lighting in yellow, so that the room appears modern, calm and relaxing.

  • Modern mirrors for the bedroom

You must choose a mirror that suits personal uses, so that it can be used along the wardrobe.

  • Modern mirrors

There is no home without a bathroom mirror, because it is one of the necessary things, so you must consider choosing a mirror that matches your bathroom decor.


Mirrors are beautiful decorations for the walls and walls of apartments, villas and palaces. There is also a set of different pictures of mirror shapes that suit all tastes, in addition to that they can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and spacious halls to beautify the walls and walls.


Types of wall mirrors

  • Oval mirrors

Decorative mirror frames are made of several types, including wood and metal, which add an aesthetic touch and a wonderful shape to the entrance of the house or room. 

  • Hexagonal mirrors

Hexagonal mirrors are among the most prominent mirrors that give comfort to the eye, as they add sophistication and calmness, and they are a piece of art used in decorations, and are placed in many places, whether at home or in hotels.  

  • Rectangular mirrors 

This type of mirror is used in the reception or in the guest room, and this type is compatible with all the furniture and decor in the place to add attractiveness and elegance.


Decorative mirrors are available in many different shapes, sizes, and types, and are formed according to the customer’s desire, so if you want to get the best mirrors, you will find the best types of mirrors within the Home Decoria website, choose the mirror that suits your home.