Selling a classic table in Egypt

If you are a fan of classic dining rooms, and if you are looking for luxury and sophistication, then we present to you today, through the Home Decoria website, a catalog of classic and modern dining rooms, and despite their high price, they are very popular with many people who have an aesthetic touch in choosing Dining rooms. 


Classic room features

Classic rooms have many advantages, including:

  • The table and chairs are large in size, which are suitable for apartments and villas with large areas.
  • The classic rooms add to the beauty of the place, as they give an illusion of luxury and quality, due to the distinctive decoration and shape.
  • It is used in all formal and informal occasions.
  • Their designs have remained the same over the years with slight variations.  


The dining room is considered one of the most beautiful rooms that exist in any home, so we offer you the latest beautiful designs for dining rooms as well as wonderful modern dining decorations, as well as pictures of the dining room that can be shared with various social networking sites.


Full dining rooms

The dining room is one of the rooms in the house where family members meet during meals, as it is a room that must be taken care of by choosing the room decorations professionally, because the choice of furniture, the shape of the room, the type of wood and the design, in addition to that, reflects the refined taste.


Dining room selection ideas

There are a number of ideas for choosing the dining room, including:

  • chairs

It is necessary to choose small chairs made of leather that are designed from the bottom with iron or steel.

  • Table

You can use a rectangular table made of wood with a layer of glass. 

  • the wall

Design a mosaic wall that mixes brown, beige, and gold colors.


Give your home joyful colors and make the dining room a source of joy and happiness for all members of the house, and this is done by placing some simple pieces that make the dining room look more beautiful and elegant, such as:

  • Small tableaus embossed with flowers can be placed on the wall.
  • Put the table in the middle of the room.
  • Mix a range of warm and fiery colors by upholstering the backs and seats of the chairs with colorful fabric. 


Travel Classic The matter does not stop at choosing the room only, but also depends on choosing its own furniture, which consists of a table, chairs, and a cupboard dedicated to storing cutlery. There are also a set of things and considerations that must be taken into account, such as choosing appropriate furniture with the size of the rooms, as well as choosing the lighting element. And well distributed.


Steps for choosing dining chairs

  • The right size

The number and sizes of chairs must be proportional to the size of the table in order to obtain a suitable and comfortable display.

  • Practical chairs

It must be taken into account that the chairs are suitable for children and the elderly, and that the chairs are easy to move and have a handle so that they can be easily grasped.

  • appropriate design

Make sure that the shape and style of the chair matches the shape and style of the table.


Classic dining rooms that you can rely on until you get a distinctive dining room, so we advise you to visit the Home Decoria website, where you will find the most beautiful dining rooms in different shapes and distinctive designs, that suit all tastes and all spaces.