Supplying furniture and furnishings for coastal and Sokhna chalets

Mostly the area of the chalets is small, so we have to take advantage of every corner in it, and the chalet must be characterized by the simplicity of materials, design and colors, and at the same time be a simulation of nature such as sand, sea, sky and greenery, and this helps us to get away from life and difficult studies and work concerns. Lighting units are considered one of the most important equipment that works on Lighting the chalet and makes it comfortable for the eye.


Chalet furniture 

  • bedroom 

One of the most important places in the chalet is the bedroom, which gives the person the appropriate rest during the holiday, and it is the place that most needs dim light, a sense of calm and psychological peace, which helps to sleep comfortably, and there is also in the bedroom the part designated for clothes and hairdos that give a distinctive feeling to each person.

  • Living room

The furniture used in the living room should be of simple materials such as wooden furniture in natural colors, while strong lighting should be avoided in order to be suitable for gatherings and also comfortable because you spend your time in the living room.

  • The dining room and the kitchen

The kitchen should be spacious and easy to move around in, as it is the domain of every woman in the house

It is desirable that the lighting in the kitchen be strong in the areas on which cutting and cooking depend in particular, and for the dining table, it is essential in every summer chalet, and the lighting is shed directly on the dining table to enjoy eating.

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Tips when preparing chalet furniture

  •  Use natural materials to withstand moisture.

It is one of the important elements that some overlook when preparing the chalet. 

  • Simplicity in design to ensure ease of movement.

The expenses are based on simplicity and do not need decorations or many discussions. 

  • Ceramic or marble floors for ease of use.

The floor must be made of ceramic or marble to withstand moisture, water and ease of cleaning.

  • Provide a place to sleep as much as possible

You should rely on furniture that takes up a large number in less space, such as floor mattresses, because this saves you effort.

  • Bathrooms are made of ceramic or marble.

The best and practical option for bathing is the shower, which is preferable to the bathtub, due to the fact that they come loaded with sea sand. 

  • Exploitation of outdoor spaces 

Such as setting a sofa to relax or Bedouin seats and having a barbecue party.


The most important furniture used in chalet furniture


  • Rope furniture is a frame made of wood or metal
  • Rattan furniture is one of the most popular types of furniture 
  • Bamboo furniture 
  • Metal furniture made of aluminum to withstand rust


Characteristics of chalet furniture 

Chalet furniture has many advantages, such as:

1- Colors

The colors must be consistent with each other, so light colors are best suited for exposure to sunlight, because dark colors fade over time due to exposure to sunlight. 

2- space

Taking into account the space of the furniture in relation to the place is very important because it gives the place a suitable and distinctive shape.


Chalet furniture

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