Modern reception room decorations 2023

The reception room is one of the basic rooms that are designed inside the house, because it is considered the front of the house because it is dedicated to receiving and welcoming guests, and its design depends on the size of the house, the type of furniture and the way it is divided, and the decorations of modern reception rooms may vary, so we offer you through the Home Decoria website A distinctive selection of reception room designs. 


Modern reception rooms


The design of the reception rooms depends on elegant and modern forms of paints and furniture, and there is a group of forms of modern reception rooms, they are:

  • The beige color can be relied upon in the design of the entire room by introducing light brown color in the design of the curtains.
  • Modern decor for modern reception rooms, which consists of white and gray, and the sofa is placed in the middle, and a chiffon curtain of white and gray colors is hung.
  • It is possible to coordinate between the colors sugar and brown by placing a row of shapes of fiber sofas in a wrapped manner on all sides of the room


Classic reception room decorations


There are many decorations for reception rooms, as there are modern, classic and simple ones, and the decoration must be chosen according to the type of reception room, so that the decoration matches the room.


The colors of the reception rooms are modern


The colors of the reception rooms are among the things that occupy the minds of many people, because they are an important part of the house, and among the most important room colors for the year 2023:

  • Light and dark gray color, which gives luxury to the room, in addition to adding attractiveness to the place and making it more spacious.
  • Light blue and light khaki, as these two colors add calmness and a wonderful effect to the room.
  • Light pink with white and yellow, because they are harmonious and eye-pleasing colors, and these colors are suitable for calm lovers.


Basics of coordinating reception rooms 


There is no home without a reception room, because it is the most important room, and many people are keen to display their possessions in the reception room, so decoration experts advise the necessity of acquiring home accessories of an elegant nature in the reception room, and it is better that the reception room be near the main entrance of the house And not far from the dining room. 


Choosing a reception room decor 


Simplicity is the title of beauty, and it also reflects the personality of its owners, so it must be characterized by good taste and a consistent artistic sense. As for painting the walls, it is better to die the colors of the walls that are comfortable for the eye in order to provide a feeling of comfort and relaxation, in addition to the element of lighting that must be Suitable with room colors and decorations.


Modern reception room decorations depend largely on modern lighting, so it must be distributed perfectly, according to the seating areas, and appropriate lighting must be chosen to fill the entire place. 


Reception rooms for guests


The guest reception room is one of the rooms that has great importance, so it must be taken care of and suitable decorations with it, and you can also choose an Arabic corner and seating on the floors in order to add a decorative touch to it.


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