Choose the appropriate bathroom mirror shapes for your use

Classic bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are one of the basic accessories inside any bathroom, because of their important role as people use them in hairdressing, so it is necessary to get a bathroom mirror that matches the bathroom decor, so today we will present classic bathroom mirrors.

 اختيار اشكال مرايات حمامات المناسب لاستخدامك

How to choose the shapes of bathroom mirrors

There are a number of meaningful considerations that must be taken into account when choosing bathroom mirrors, and among these considerations:

  1. The type and size of the mirror to be installed in the bathroom.
  2. The purpose of installing a mirror is because there are several uses, such as applying makeup, styling hair, or brushing teeth.
  3. Choosing bathroom mirrors with a frame or not.
  4. The material for making the mirror, as there are various materials in making mirrors, including glass, copper, aluminum, plastic, and wood. 


Modern bathroom mirrors

Classic bathroom mirrors are among the most requested types of bathroom mirrors, as they provide multiple shapes and designs, and there are circular, oval and square ones, and there are also some with a metal or wooden frame, in addition to that there are shapes of large size and shapes of small size.


The best bathroom mirrors

  • Bathroom mirrors with shelves

This type is the appropriate option for utilizing the bathroom space, as it makes the bathroom a compact place, meaning that some of its necessary needs can be stored, as well as coordinating clothes and hairdressing.

  • Bathroom mirrors with lights

The choice of luminous bathroom shapes depends on the space. There are mirrors equipped with LED lights at the bottom, top and sides, but this type of mirror is not preferred due to its high cost. 

 اختيار اشكال مرايات حمامات المناسب لاستخدامك


Modern bathroom mirrors

There is no doubt that bathroom mirrors are one of the basic elements of the decor of any home, so we must pay attention to them and choose them from the catalog of mirror images that suit all spaces, in addition to that there are standards when installing modern mirrors, so that they can be placed in the bathroom basin, or they can be placed in the part The back of the bathroom door, as well as the possibility of hanging it on the bathroom cabinet.

 اختيار اشكال مرايات حمامات المناسب لاستخدامك

Bathroom mirrors 2023

Bathroom mirrors are one of the latest designs for the year 2023, which differ in size between large mirrors and small mirrors, because mirrors inside bathrooms are things that are of great importance no less than any other piece inside the bathroom, so the decorators have taken care of the presence of mirrors inside the bathrooms because they are Multifunctional and uses.


Bathroom mirrors

There is a large variety of classic bathroom mirrors, Home Decoria also provides bathroom mirrors with lighting in wonderful colors and accessories, in addition to providing bathroom mirrors of the best quality and competitive prices, and you can also get the best bathroom mirrors that suit all bathroom spaces. 

Bathroom mirrors price

The prices of bathroom mirrors vary according to a number of factors, including:

  • The area of the bathroom in which the mirror is placed.
  • The mirror type is oval, square or rectangular. 
  • The type of mirror, whether it is luminous or touch.

 اختيار اشكال مرايات حمامات المناسب لاستخدامك

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