Tips when installing wall mirrors

New wall mirrors give a brighter view of the room, as they can be placed in apartments and villas in the walls of kitchens and bathrooms, so we offer you different shapes of mirrors that suit all tastes.


There are some final touches that are added to the house in order to complete the elegance and beauty of the house, and perhaps the most important of these touches is adding mirrors to the house in the rooms or in the entrances.


Tips when installing wall mirrors

If you want to install wall mirrors, you must follow a set of tips, including:

  • Try the bundling method

All you have to do is learn how to hang mirrors in a homogeneous manner with the place, taking care that the distances between the mirrors are equal.

  • Choose the shape of mirrors that suit each room

Mirrors must be chosen to suit the long rooms, and as for the horizontal mirrors, they are more than the short rooms.

  • Stick to a special style of decorating

It is necessary to choose what suits your taste in terms of shapes and colors. If your decorating style is characterized by modernity, you must move away from mirrors with a rustic wooden frame and replace them with mirrors with a metal frame. 


Modern mirror shapes

Mirror decorations have become important to many people, and they have a great place in our time, because of the elegance and sophistication they add to the place, and the types of modern wall mirrors:

  • Square mirrors

This type of mirror is used for many purposes, and it is also one of the most prominent pieces of decoration, and it works to block large areas of the wall, and it is suitable for all kinds of different decorations.

  • Oval mirrors

The frame of this type of mirror consists of metal and wood, which adds a wonderful shape to the entrance of the house, and you can decorate it to give a feeling of attractiveness.

  • Rectangular mirrors

This type is used in places that work to see the person completely, and it is suitable to be placed in the reception or guest room.

  • Hexagonal mirrors

This type is one of the best types of mirrors that give comfort to the eyes, and it is a piece of art used in decorations, and it is also placed in hotels and homes.


Wall mirrors are a common decoration, as they are accessories that add luxury and elegance to the place, in addition to creating an aesthetic touch that makes the house look modern.



Long wall mirrors

New wall mirrors are suitable for all rooms in the house, and bedroom mirrors have become one of the modern modern decorations that add aesthetic touches to the bedroom, and they have the following:

  • When placing mirrors in the bedroom, it gives a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.
  • It is one of the things that gives you beauty and splendor.
  • The shape and design of mirrors influence the bedroom decor because it gives it its own beauty. 
  • Mirrors vary in shape and design, including oval, square, rectangular and long.


There are also traditional mirrors that are placed on the side of the bed, as they give you spaciousness to the room, and can be placed on the doors of the cabinets, in addition to using them as a background for the bed and giving the distinctive shape of the mattresses or the use of distinctive pieces of furniture.


New wall mirrors are one of the best pieces of decoration. The best mirrors can be obtained through the Home Decoria website, which offers the largest selection of mirrors.