10 important tips when buying a trip

We present to you, through the Home Decoria website, an elegant and distinctive collection of the latest Turkish modern dining models for the year 2023, because the Turkish dining room is one of the latest fashions in the year of decoration and furniture, where people who are about to get married resort to it.


Perhaps one of the most important features of the modern Turkish sofa set is that it adds a distinctive aesthetic touch to your home decor, as it is characterized by simplicity and elegance, and there is a group of elegant models that attract attention to it, in addition to its different colors that suit all home decorations.


10 important tips when buying a trip

We offer you a set of tips that must be taken into account when buying a dining room, as these tips are as follows:

  1. Focus on the table disc more than the table legs.
  2. Ensure the space of the room before purchasing furniture, so that a room is chosen according to the size of the food available. 
  3. Especially dark fabrics should be chosen in the fabric of the chairs.
  4. The medium sized table is one of the best types of tables.
  5. It is necessary to rely on a tablecloth of a distinctive color that matches the seats.
  6. Choose chairs decorated with simple patterns to add an aesthetic touch to the dining room. 
  7. A good source of ventilation must be provided to allow light and air to pass through.
  8. Room sizes cannot be neglected to determine the dimensions of the dining room.
  9. Experts advise that the style of the dining room be appropriate with the rest of the room in the house.
  10. Be sure to have a dining table with padded chairs, to provide more comfort when sitting for long periods 


Modern dining rooms 2023

Modern dining models are the most widespread, as they are preferred by many people and the reason for that is their simplicity and attractive colors. There is a rectangular table with golden steps and seats based on decorative fabrics.



Modern Turkish table shapes

The modern sofa is one of the most popular models in recent years, and among the forms of the Turkish sofa:

  •  Rectangular Turkish dining table

It is designed with modern and elegant designs, as it adds a sophisticated touch to the decor, and it can be purchased in an off-white color and light rose-colored padded capton seats.

  • A gilded Turkish dining table

This room is suitable for large spaces, because it contains a lot of seats, in addition to its attractive and wonderful colors such as light brown with shiny golden frames. 

  • Square Turkish dining table 

If you are a fan of soft colors, we offer you this design, which is based on small, square chairs lined with suede.


The dining room is considered the second most important room in the house after the salon room, because it has a large status like the salon because it is a meeting place for visitors to gather. If you are about to get married, or you want to renew your home furnishings, you must choose a dining room of a suitable size and solid material.


If you are looking for a modern Turkish dining table 2023, do not exhaust yourself in the search and visit the Home Decoria website, as this site specializes in selling the most beautiful modern or classic dining room set, because it offers a large and luxurious selection of dining rooms that suit all sizes of rooms, large and small. .