Modern and classic wall carpets 2023

The choice of carpets is one of the important things in every home, and carpets are special decorations that add to the home a lot of beauty and elegance. Modern and classic wall carpets 2023 fits with all home decorations, so Home Decoria will offer you the best types of wall carpets.


Sajjad Modern

You must choose modern carpets that suit all home decorations, as there are carpets based on only two colors that give the room beauty and elegance, and there are carpets with monochromatic colors and this is what many people are looking for because it is a simple and elegant carpet that fits with any room of the house.


Classic carpet

Classic carpets are among the most widespread types of carpets in the world, and they are carpets with distinctive traditional designs as they contain intricate motifs, flowers and decorations, and are dominated by bold colors such as dark red, gold and blue.


patterns wall rugs idealism

Modern and classic wall carpets 2023 have several patterns, including:

  • Persian carpets

This carpet is characterized by dark colors and geometric shapes, as well as long pile and simple geometric and botanical patterns.

  • Anatolian carpets

This carpet indicates beauty and originality, as it is characterized by the Islamic character in decoration, and it bears in its details the beauty of Istanbul with gold threads.

  • Egyptian carpets

This carpet bears charming oriental details, as it symbolizes the ancient heritage of Egypt.




How to hang wall rugs

Wall rugs are hung through the following steps:

  • Mark the wall on which you want to hang the rug so that it is in a clear and eye-catching place.
  • Use a set of metal nails so that the carpet is well fixed, and if the carpet has a light weight, it is fixed with clips and must be repositioned from time to time.


Wall decor rugs

The empty walls in the house are an ideal opportunity to add an aesthetic touch, and it is also one of the most beautiful ways to hang carpets on the wall, as wall carpets are considered one of the most important forms of art and decoration, because they add unique beauty and vibrant colors to the walls, in addition to reflecting the personality of the owner of the house .


Tips for choosing and coordinating carpets

We offer you a set of tips when choosing and coordinating wall carpets to get the best results:

  • wall measure

When you choose a wall carpet, you must measure the available space accurately, and you must use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the wall on which the carpet is attached, because this measurement will help you in choosing the appropriate carpet.

  • Carpet selection

You should take into account a number of factors when choosing a carpet for the walls, including choosing a carpet with beautiful designs and suitable for home decor, and it is better to choose a carpet of a suitable color with the rest of the furniture.

  • Setup and coordination

Before hanging the carpet, you must prepare a set of materials such as strong glue to hang the carpet on the wall, as well as a strong tape for fixing such as strong adhesive tape, scissors to cut the carpet, and measuring tools such as a pen and tape measure.


Home Decoria offers you a collection of the best types of modern and classic wall carpets 2023, by visiting the site yourself or by contacting us through our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.