Privacy policy

Information gathering
We collect information either (i) from you directly, (ii) through third parties or (iii) automatically when you use the Site.
In general, we collect information as follows:
Your account information and your personal fileWhen you create an account on the Home Decoria platform, we collect some information such as your name, contact information, and any other information you provide. You will be requested to create your own account on the site, and if you do so, your information that you entered such as: your name, account name, current projects, demographic information and any image you placed may be publicly visible on our site. If you believe someone has created an account for you without your permission, please contact us at
General contentWe collect and store information that you post on the Site, including photos, comments, ratings, projects and personal information.
CommunicationsWhen you communicate with us via (e-mail, via the site or any other way), we, in turn, save your registration. In addition, when you contact one of the specialists registered in Home Decoria at the number shown on the specialist page on Home Decoria, we may collect some data. Similarly, when you provide information to a professional registered with Home Decoria through the specialist page on Home Decoria, we may collect and store this information on behalf of the professional, however; The use of the information that you provided through the specialist is subject to the specialist's own policy and practices and not to Home Decoria's privacy policy.
CommunicationsIf you exchange messages through the Site and in accordance with applicable law, we may store those messages in order to process and deliver them, allow you to manage them, and investigate possible wrongdoing in connection with the Site. The Home Decoria platform may enable you to contact directly third parties, service providers and products that you wish to communicate with outside the site, and any information that you send to third parties through this method, including your personal email address, is not subject to the Home Decoria platform privacy policy.
Information that the site collectsWe at Home Decoria collect and store information about your use of the Website (including mobile applications), such as the searches you make, the pages you visit, and the date and time of your visit. We also collect and store information about your computer or mobile device that relates to your use of the Site, such as browser type, type of computer or phone, browser language, IP address, mobile network, device identifier, location and addresses of requested and referred pages.
Third parties and contacts: If you choose to link your profile on the Home Decoria platform with any other network or service provider such as Facebook or Google, you will be asked to enable the exchange of your contact information with Home Decoria if you agree to this sharing in order to facilitate your experience, in turn we will send you Push notifications so that you and your contacts can find each other on the Home Decoria platform.
Use of information
We may use the information we collect about you on the Home Decoria platform for certain purposes, such as: improving the quality of the site, making your experience on the site more personal, determining the appropriate content and information that we may send or display to you, providing the location feature, providing assistance and suggestions to you, feature Tracking information and data about your use of the site, making suggestions to companies and specialists who display their business and products through the site, displaying relevant ads (on our site and on third-party sites), evaluating the success of our ads, providing customer assistance service, communicating with you about your use of the site or any requests Allowing third parties to communicate with you through the site, answering your inquiries and responding to your requests, sending you marketing messages, backing up our systems and allowing them to be restored in the event of any malfunction, enhancing the security of the site, completing transactions that you manage through the site, or those that you requested and approved. In addition to complying with legal orders.
In addition, we, Home Decoria, use the information we collect to better understand how users access and use our site and its services, whether on a collective or individual basis, in order to improve it, respond to the wishes and requests of users, develop the offered products and services provided, and for other analytical and research purposes. . From time to time we may offer contests and promotions to use the information we collect to administer such contests, offers and surveys to analyze their results for research purposes and to comply with legal requirements relating to such contests and promotions.
Share your information
We do not rent or sell your personal contact information (such as your email address associated with your account with us) to third parties for their marketing purposes. However, Home Decoria may, in some cases, allow third parties, including its users and our partners, to contact you through the Site for marketing purposes. In addition, any information that you share publicly through your account with us is available to third parties and other users as well, and we cannot control the third parties' use of your information. We may share some of your information with third parties in connection with your use of the Site. These posts usually fall into the following goals and categories:
Analysis and useWe may share your personal information in a form identified or collected by third parties such as: advertisers, professionals or other companies. For example, we may disclose to any business owner the number of users who view their products. Professionals and companies registered on the Home Decoria platform can access analytics and information processing platforms to which your profile is linked when you register Home Decoria (but it is not identified through your e-mail or non-public personal information), which enables them to know if you have added Their products or designs for your design book by specific dates.
External advertising networksWe use third-party advertising companies to display ads on third-party websites and may work with them to display ads on our site, as well as to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising in accordance with applicable law. These companies use cookies, web beacons, and tracking technologies to collect information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to display targeted advertising to you. Please see the Outdoor Advertising section below for more information
Our constituenciesWe may share information about you with our affiliates or jointly controlled companies, in which case we will require them to comply with what is in this privacy policy.
Other users: Information that you post publicly on the site (eg: photos, comments, and your personal account) will be available to other users on the Home Decoria platform; Since the information that you post on the site and allow it to be seen by everyone, including your photos, comments, files, and account data, will be available to everyone, by posting on the site you agree to disclose the materials that you publish to the public.
InvestigationsWe may verify and disclose information about you, as permitted by applicable law; Where we believe that such investigation or disclosure is necessary to comply with legal process and enforcement instructions, such as a search warrant, legal subpoena or other legal process that may serve us, or if it is helpful to prevent, verify or identify any possible wrongdoing on the site, Or in order to protect our rights, reputation, and property, or even the rights of users, affiliates, or even visitors to the site.
LettersAnd dicoria
When you join the Home Decoria platform by subscribing to an account or creating a profile as part of the service, you will receive a Home Decoria newsletter showing you articles, offers and features on the site. As permitted by law, you are the one who chooses if you want to receive messages from us on your e-mail that may be of interest to you as a member of the Home Decoria community, and we may ask you to agree to receive text messages from us. You can manage your email and choose to get notifications from your account settings, but you should know that you cannot opt out of receiving administrative and legal notifications from us. In the event that you have stopped the option to receive messages on your email that contain some suggestions or any information that you think may be of interest to you, we can continue to send messages to your email regarding your account or any of the services that you have requested or received through us, However, you can stop The option to receive text messages entirely from us, whether promotional, transactional, or otherwise. In addition, by joining us you agree to receive feedback and communications from third parties through the Site, including third-party product or service providers who comment on your posts within the Site. In the event that you do not want third parties to see some of your information, you should not publish it on your profile or the site.
Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies
We at the Home Decoria platform, in addition to the third parties that we deal with, including service providers, use cookies in connection with your use of the site and third-party sites (which are small text files that most of the websites visited by the user store on a device The computer, and these files contain a set of information that pertains to the user of those sites, such as: data related to login). We also use web beacons for similar purposes on our website and in emails sent to our customers (for example, to help us track response rates to emails, determine when emails are viewed, and keep track of whether emails are sent back). In addition, we use local threads (sometimes called "Flash cookies"), JavaScript, log files, and similar technologies (together with cookies and web beacons, all of which are referred to as "cookies" in this Policy). To track and analyze the use of the Site and facilitate advertising on it and on third-party websites.
We also use cookies to collect or transmit information about you and your use of the Site or third-party websites, such as: your browser type, your search preferences, data about advertisements you have been shown or clicked on, your interests on our Site and other websites, time and date your use. When we use "cookies" it is in order to increase the site's features and approach, to provide credibility and security for your transactions on the site, to store your preferences, to facilitate relevant advertisements, to help us learn how users interact on the site, and to understand your activities after you leave the site. Our cookies may be persistent or stored for the duration of your personal use.
You can opt-out of third-party tracking for certain advertising purposes (as mentioned above) to help you control targeted advertising by third parties who track your activities on the Sites. It may be possible to disable certain cookies through your device or browser settings, which may vary by browser or device but can usually be found in your preferences or security settings. However, disabling these cookies may affect your ability to use the site, and in the event that you are not satisfied with the uses of these cookies, please do not use this site.
Not tracking signalsPlease note that we do not change our system within the Site in response to browser Do Not Track requests. However, you can stop certain tracking as mentioned earlier in this section (eg by disabling cookies or disabling ad networks).
Analysis of third partiesWe also use automated devices and applications, such as Google Analytics, to evaluate the use of our site and the services we provide, and you can disable the Google Analytics feature and review the privacy policy. We use these tools to collect non-personally identifiable information about users to help us improve our services, performance, and user experience. These analytics providers may use cookies to perform their services, and may combine information they collect about you on the Site with other information. This Privacy Policy does not cover the use of data by third parties.
Declarations of third parties
We previously mentioned in this Privacy Policy that we may engage with third parties such as ad networks to serve ads on external sites or other media, and that we evaluate the success of our advertising campaigns, including FacebookGoogle and others (both Facebook and Google provide additional ways to opt out of some advertising activities), and maintain their own privacy policies that address their advertising service targeting desires). We may also engage with third parties to display advertisements on our site.
These ad network providers, advertisers, sponsors and/or traffic measurement services may use cookies, JavaScript, web beacons (including animated gifs) and other tracking technologies, in order to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to personalize advertising content to you, which in turn allows us and third parties Target advertisements of products and services of interest to you, based on your activities on our site and other sites. These third party cookies and technologies are subject to their privacy policy. We may also provide third party advertisers with information about members or allow them to collect certain information through the Site (such as: IP address and demographic information), but we do not disclose your name, contact information or any other personal information about you to them.
Stopping your subscription to one or more of these companies/entities will disable your subscription and not receive the content or advertisements that interest you, based on your activities on several sites, but this does not mean that you will not receive any advertisements through our site on other sites. You may continue to receive advertisements, for example, based on a particular site you are viewing (ie content-based advertising). Also, if your browsers are configured to refuse cookies or you subsequently delete them, your opt-out will not be effective.
Links and pages on social media
Our Website includes social media features, such as the Facebook “Share This” button, as well as other interactive software that runs on both our Website and Services and third-party sites, and we provide certain features to work (such as blogs and comments). Such features collect your IP address and the page you are visiting, and may set "cookies" to enable them to function properly and for other purposes. When these features are offered on our site, they will be affiliations of those third parties and subject to their own privacy policies. All of your interactions on these features are subject to the privacy policy of the company providing them.