Principles to consider before choosing furniture

The house is the last refuge for a person and the place where he relaxes after spending a long time outside at work, and therefore he needs distinctive home furniture designed in a way that enables the person to feel comfortable and private, so that it suits the taste and personality of the owner of the place, and through the Home Decoria website, we will mention the ways in which it is designed Home furniture in order to obtain positive energy.


Principles to consider before choosing furniture

If you want to choose home furniture in a new and distinctive way, you can initially rely on the space and define it to be able to choose the appropriate furniture according to the size of the rooms, and the necessary space can be provided between the piece of furniture and the other piece.


One of the important things that must be taken into account while arranging home furniture is that the colors of the walls and floors are suitable for the furniture, preferably darker than the walls, so that there is a comfortable balance for the eye.


If you have furniture at home and want to add some new pieces, then this piece must be suitable for the pieces in the place so as not to give an inappropriate appearance.


How to arrange home entrance furniture 

You can arrange the furniture of the house, starting from its entrance, with the combination of some luxurious pieces, and others with a simple touch, in order to get a distinctive elegant decor.


One of the most important things in arranging home furniture is that the entrance includes some high-end parts, as an initial impression is given from the entrance indicating the internal arrangement.


There are some reliable options for using the space in the house, such as hanging a glass mirror with a shelf under it, or one of the tables, and placing a pot with a green plant on the side, as this appearance may give a wonderful appeal.


A carpet can also be placed at the entrance of the house, preferably a small carpet if the house is large and has a wide area. It is recommended that the carpet be near the living room so that the guest can feel comfortable and be directed towards the living room.


Arranging the guest sitting room

Arranging the guest room needs to determine the type of furniture if you will use classic or modern furniture, or you will mix the two types, as well as choosing furniture such as the table, TV, and so on, so that all the pieces are consistent with the space of the place.


While the space was small, it is necessary to buy furniture of small size and light colors to give an impression of the vastness of the space, and leave an empty space between the back of the sofa and between the wall and between the piece of furniture and the other piece to give the visitor an impression of the vastness of the space to suggest the spaciousness of the room.


Achieving a balance between all pieces of furniture in terms of color and design, taking care not to overcrowd and leaving sufficient space for passage, as well as making sure that the table is far from the sofa while leaving space to put a palace with a green plant or one of the high-end figures that give an aesthetic touch, taking into account the consistency between the height of the sofa And the height of the table so that you can easily eat some things on it.


It is necessary to coordinate the colors inside the house so that all colors are comfortable and consistent, in addition to the presence of some calm colors, such as white, but it is advised not to use bold colors such as red, yellow and phosphorus, especially in the colors of furniture, pillows, frames and curtains.


Choosing home furnishings is not as easy as some might imagine, but it requires several arrangements, including the size of the room and the house, and the colors of the existing furniture, so that the exterior appearance becomes distinctive and consistent in a way that is pleasing to the eye.