Buying a wooden pouf in Egypt

The pouf is considered one of the unique pieces of its kind, and it is also one of the characteristics of those with good tastes, so you can buy a high-quality wooden pouf in Egypt from Home Decoria, which gives you a sense of the modern spirit of the home.


Wood buff features

A wooden pouf has a set of features, including:

  • The pouf is suitable for many different styles and tastes, including rustic and bohemian.
  • The pouf matches modern styles, as it comes in an elegant champagne color.
  • The pouf is designed with high-quality materials and has a hexagonal geometric shape to give it an attractive and elegant look.
  • The pouf is carved in a creative way to add an aesthetic touch.


Modern pouf with modern shapes

When you choose a piece of furniture for your office or home, you must choose between different shapes, so poufs are generally characterized by delicacy and elegance, and they add to the furniture an aesthetic appearance, in addition to a sense of comfort and relaxation.


The most beautiful modern pouf

There are many shapes and types of poufs, as there are wood poufs, knitted poufs, wool poufs, and velor poufs. Wood poufs are also available with legs slanted outward and are upholstered with fiber or cotton and the fabric is covered with fur or velvet, and there are square-shaped poufs with upholstered and without upholstery.


Pouf chair

The pouffe chair is one of the most beautiful forms of chairs that you can get, as it saves you space and gives you a perfect experience, in addition to the ease of cleaning it with water, in addition to the possibility of moving it easily from one place to another. 


Corner pouf

Corner pouf made entirely of wood, and the fabric is upside down leather with stainless lines, so it is very suitable for all corners, and adds to it a wonderful and distinctive aesthetic touch.


The best wood pouf designs

There are many forms of buff khashl, the most common of which are:

MDF wood pouf 

This pouf is characterized by the fact that it is manufactured using the finest materials, the most important of which is MDF.

Leisure wood pouf

This pouf fits perfectly into the home, as it is placed in any corner of the house.

Classic wood pouf

This type is considered one of the best types of wooden poufs, as it takes on a classic character.

Wooden pouf with a modern design

This type is considered one of the modern forms, as it is designed with strong wood. 


Rectangular puff chair

A rectangular puff chair consists of counter wood, in addition to the upholstery and high-quality velvet, you can have a comfortable sitting, in addition to the elegant modern shape, and there are many colors such as white, fuchsia, off-white, gray, red, green, rose, mauve, and burgundy.


How do you order a wood pouf?

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