The most important types of furniture in restaurants and cafes in Egypt


Restaurants and cafes are a place where food and drinks are served to customers, as these restaurants and cafes provide meals with a simple price and fast and distinguished service, so our topic today will be about the furniture of restaurants and cafes that Home Decoria offers you, follow us.


The most important types of furniture in restaurants and cafes


  • Large dining tables.
  • Chairs made of wood.
  • Chairs of different sizes.
  • A group of lamps to create a beautiful decoration inside the cafe and restaurant.
  • Large glass windows make the place cozier. 
  • Wooden doors and windows.
  • Stone and brick walls.
  • Big screen for cinema and movie lovers.


There is no doubt that designing restaurants and cafes is an enjoyable job, and it is also an important job because it is the first thing that customers see when entering the restaurant, in addition to that it is important to choose the appropriate colors and designs for the restaurant.


Tools to be available in restaurants

There are a set of tools that must be available in any restaurant, such as:

  • food processor
  • microwave.
  • Electric beater.
  • Fruit juicer.
  • Sheet grills.
  • Ajaan.
  • commercial ovens
  • Refrigerators.
  • Freezer appliances.
  • ice making machine.
  • cooking utensils.
  • knives.
  • chopping boards
  • Spaces for food preparation.
  • hand beater
  • spoons for cooking.
  • Bowls and dishes for preparing and serving food.


Café furniture

Cafés are the most popular facilities in recent times, and people may choose to spend their free time in them with friends, so if you are thinking of designing a café, you must know the café furniture that provides you with comfort, sophistication and distinction, so we offer you some tips when designing a café:

  • Choosing the colors of the coffee shop design

The colors that are used in the design of the cafe are an integral part of the cafe, as they reflect the mood, so you must choose calm colors that achieve a nice balance in the atmosphere of the cafe.

  • Lighting in the cafe

When using incorrect lighting, it will reduce the value of the interior design, so you must take into account modern lighting rules, by staying away from bright lights that give you an unnatural atmosphere.

  • The exterior of the café

When designing a café, the exterior facade must be chosen well, in order to ensure the success of the café, and the exterior facade must reflect what the café offers.

  • Colors and decoration

There is no doubt that colors and decoration are the thing that most attracts customers to the café, and also makes the customer feel that he is inside a place he loves, so stay away from bright colors, and you can also use a set of accessories and decorations that express the café.


Furniture for cafes and restaurants

If you are looking for furniture for restaurants and cafes, you will find Home Decoria, which offers you the best types of furniture for restaurants and cafes, as restaurants and cafes need handcrafted furniture, because their design is simple.



Furniture for restaurants and cafes must be chosen with care and attention, because it expresses what is inside, so do not hesitate and see all that Home Decoria offers you in terms of furniture for restaurants and cafes, as this site specializes in manufacturing all kinds of furniture for all purposes, all you have to do is contact us through the WhatsApp service or visit the site’s headquarters.