Important tips for choosing modern and classic cafe furniture

If you want to open a cafe, you must know how to choose cafe furniture, and the most important of these tips:

Develop a master space plan

Before thinking about designing the café, a plan must be drawn up for the main areas within the café, such as:

  • the kitchen

40% of the floor plan must be allocated to the kitchen so that the best food can be produced in the least possible time.

  • Bathrooms

Restrooms should be close to the kitchen for easy connection of plumbing and water lines.

  • dining area

Customers will spend the most time in this place, so the space should be comfortable.

  • Entry and waiting area

This place is the first place that customers see, so this place must be of sufficient space.

Determine the correct amount of seating

It is necessary to determine the size that you want for the adequacy, while searching for the space, for this there are two aspects to achieving balance:

  • Cafes with scattered seats, where they are more comfortable for customers.
  • When you increase the number of tables, the number of customers who can sit increases.

Efficient kitchen design

Cafes work on organization and efficiency, and you should separate the food preparation section in the kitchen into 3 sections:

  • Food preparation section.
  • Cooking section.
  • Submission service department



There is no doubt that restaurant furniture is the most important thing that indicates the general appearance of the café, as it is one of the most important elements of attracting customers to the café, so café furniture must be equipped with precision and care to ensure comfort for customers, so before you choose café furniture, you must learn about the types of furniture used in the café, and this is what we will learn about today from the Home Decoria website.


Types of cafe chairs shapes

There are many different forms of furniture that is used in the café, as it consists of pieces of furniture, the most important of which are tables and chairs, and the types of café chairs:

  • Backless plastic chairs.
  • Chairs made of genuine leather.
  • Wooden chairs with metal legs of various shapes and colors.
  • Luxurious leather chairs.
  • Velvet chairs.
  • Chairs made of wood.



Café furniture must exude comfort and elegance, and it must be strong, durable, and easy to clean. When preparing café furniture, the general design of the space must be taken into account, in addition to a set of specific needs for each area. Tables and chairs must also be chosen according to their size, shape, and durability.


The cafe A place of rest and calm

The café is a public place where people sit to drink tea, coffee, or drink juices and soft drinks. It is also a place where young people meet and exchange conversations, so it must be equipped in a manner that satisfies all customers.


Cafes have become one of the most popular places in recent years, as it is a place where friends and loved ones gather, so it must be equipped at the highest level in terms of chairs, tables, and all the tools that are used inside the cafe.