Top tips for proper lighting distribution at home

Modern lighting for the home

Lighting is one of the basic elements in daily life, in addition to being an aesthetic element in the decor, so in this article we will learn about modern lighting for the different homes, as well as the most important tips for distributing lighting in the home, all through the Home Decoria website, follow us.


Top tips for proper lighting distribution at home

Lighting is one of the most important basic decorations that must be taken care of and how it should be distributed, so we mention the most important tips that help you in distributing lighting for the home:

  • It is best to use white lighting in the kitchen.
  • Consider the area of each room and the height of the ceilings.
  • Take advantage of the rooms that the sun enters, as this saves you from consuming electricity throughout the day.
  • It is preferable to use large spots in the salon, offices, and small spots in the bedroom.


There is no doubt that lighting has a strong influence on the decor, as it adds an aesthetic touch and elegance to the home, and it also complements the home decor, and it has many shapes, including lamps and chandeliers of different shapes.


Modern home lighting

Modern lighting for the home is characterized by luxury and sophistication, in addition to adding a charming and attractive touch to furniture and décor, and among the most important forms of modern lighting:

  • You can place lighting spots in an easy and simple way inside the suspended ceiling, and lighting devices can be placed inside the wall.
  • A beautiful and attractive chandelier of leaves can be placed to add a charming touch to the decor.


There are many shapes and designs of lighting used in the ceiling, so that small spots can be placed in a chandelier of intertwined golden wires, in addition to the distinctive shape of the lighting to the ceiling.


The decor of any home is not complete without lighting, and the use of lighting in decoration is not limited to looking only, but rather it controls the senses and morale as well, and the lighting units in the house have several types, where each type has a different use, it is possible to use a dim and quiet light during the day or a place to study.


The best home lighting   

  • Task lighting

Task lighting is one of the types of additional lighting, as it highlights a specific place throughout the house, to enable tasks to be completed with perfection, and it is also intended for doing work such as reading or preparing food. 

  • Wall lighting

This lighting is practical, and it does not take up space, and it is recommended to use it in the corridors of the house, in order to give a refreshing and comfortable view when entering the house. 

  • classic lighting

Classic lighting is one of the oldest lighting over time. It is a type of ceiling lighting in luxurious palaces. Despite its simplicity, it makes you feel warm and comfortable.

  • Quiet home lighting

This lighting is one of the most important tools that are found in the bedrooms, and the bedroom cannot be complete without correct lighting, and soft lighting is the best lighting for the house that calms the nerves and helps to relax.

  • ornamental lighting

Decorative lighting plays a great importance, and it must be placed in an orderly manner and highlight the face and body because it is important when applying makeup.


Modern lighting for the home It is recommended to use home lighting that works to illuminate the house in a distinctive way, in addition to that it gives the home beauty, luxury and aesthetic shape.