Tips and decorations to improve bathroom lighting


Bathroom lighting is an important part of bathroom design, because good lighting is a motive for positive energy. Direct and indirect lighting can be used in the bathroom or install lighting in ceilings and mirrors to enhance bathroom lighting. Therefore, when choosing the appropriate lighting for the bathroom, it must be taken into account that the colors used in the bathroom are not affected by the lighting, so it is important to choose lighting that shows the colors correctly and clearly. Through the following lines on the Home Decoria website, we will explain more details about bathroom lighting. Stay with us.


How to choose the right lighting for the size of the bathroom

You can choose the right lighting for the size of your bathroom and here are some tips to consider:

  • Determine the required level of illumination: You should know how much lighting you need in the bathroom. Direct and indirect lighting can be used, and lighting can also be directed in a specific direction to highlight some elements inside the bathroom, such as mirrors and others.
  • Attention to bathroom style: You must think about the general style of the bathroom and try to choose lighting that is consistent and harmonious with this style. Where you can choose elegant and distinct lighting for modern style bathrooms, and traditional lighting to match classic bathrooms.
  •  Lighting distribution: Lighting must be distributed in the correct way in the bathroom, so that all areas of the bathroom are covered with light, and mobile lighting can be used to facilitate access to different parts of the bathroom.
  • bathroom size: Lighting should be selected according to the size of the bathroom. Where we can use strong lighting for large bathrooms, and relatively less lighting for small bathrooms.
  • Colors in the bathroom: The colors used in the bathroom can be affected by lighting, so it is important to choose lighting that displays the colors correctly. We can also obtain natural lighting similar to natural lighting through the use of environmentally friendly lighting.

Modern bathroom lighting ideas 

The right lighting methods can help transform any bathroom into a more inviting and modern space. There are many modern bathroom lighting options to explore, here are some ideas:

  • Direct lighting: High-intensity direct lighting can be used to obtain bright but powerful lighting, so it is best used to illuminate specific areas such as a mirror.
  • low light Soft lighting can be used to add warmth and comfort to a bathroom.
  • Luxurious lighting: Luxurious lighting such as a chandelier or pendant lighting can be used to give the bathroom luxury and beauty.
  • Decorative lighting: Decorative lighting can be used to give bathrooms an artistic or modern feel. Colored or dimmed lights can be used to achieve this type of lighting.


Tips for improving bathroom lighting 

There are some simple tips that can be followed to improve bathroom lighting and make it more beautiful:

  • Make sure there is sufficient lightingThere should be sufficient lighting in the bathroom, while providing moderate lighting in light-sensitive places such as the mirror area.
  • Use different types of lighting: Different types of lighting can be used, such as soft lighting to add warmth and comfort, fancy lighting to add beauty and luxury, and decorative lighting to add artistic and modern style.
  • Use the mirror appropriately. Mirror can be used appropriately to reflect and distribute light in the space.
  • Use of light colors: Light colors can be used for walls, floors, and furniture in the bathroom, as they reflect light and make the space appear larger and brighter.
  • Clean the lighting regularly: Lighting should be cleaned regularly to ensure that you get better and more efficient lighting.


Bathroom lighting comes in different shapes and levels, you just have to choose exactly what you need to feel comfortable and relaxed inside your bathroom, regardless of its size, all of this and more you will find by visiting the Home Decoria website, which shows you a distinguished set of modern tools in bathroom lighting 2023.